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Good News on the Jump Front!

On August 8th our "Save America's Treasures" grant was officially executed. The grant provides up to $500,000, depending upon a 1:1 match. The Save America's Treasures grant program is provided through the Historic Preservation Fund, as administered by the National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

The funds are intended for costs associated with reinforcing the structure of the jump tower. Although the structure is in remarkably good shape for its vintage, some portions of the tower will become over-stressed when the tower is renovated to meet modern safety and performance standards.

We have raised approximately $250,000 toward our match. Funds have been raised from local donations and from the New Hampshire Bureau of Historic Sites. We are seeking another $250,000 to fully maximize the Save Our Treasures grant reward.

Separately, we are working on initial phases of snow making design. We expect work to start in 2024. Any questions or comments can be directed to Scott Halvorson at

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