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Forest Snow

Visitor Info.


427 Milan Hill Rd, Milan, NH 03588


350 East Side River Rd, Milan, NH 03588

Nordic Trail Info.

Maps are available on the exterior of the warming hut or download here. Skiing on the trails is permitted day or night.


Trail conditions are provided on occasion by members and officers on homepage news section or our Facebook page. If you are seeking a trail report, simply post on our page and ask if anyone can provide an update on trail conditions. You will find the community of the Nansen Ski Club to be friendly and happy to help.


Animals are welcome, but must be leashed and under control. Per NH State Park Rules, it is required that animal waste is cleaned from the trails and parking lot. A shovel is generally available in front of the warming hut to help facilitate clean-up.


All activities on the trails are at your own risk.


Trails are not patrolled and there is no final sweep at the end of the day.


Skiers traveling downhill have the right of way.


Contact local emergency services in the event of a mishap.

Know Before You Go...

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Club members have access to our heated warming hut, which is equipped with Wi-Fi and stocked with ski / snowshoe gear to loan. When available, hut hosts are on-hand on weekends to help members with gear and information. If you are planning to visit the trails and require equipment email us and we will do our best to arrange for a volunteer to meet you.

Warming Hut


100% Volunteer Crew

The Nansen Ski Club's 100% volunteer crew maintains 6+ miles of groomed trails for all levels of experience in snowshoeing, classic & skate skiing. The trail system is situated both on public and private land within and adjacent to Milan Hill State Park in Milan NH.


Ski Club Membership

Become a member of the oldest continually operating ski club in America!

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Equipment Rental

Non-members may borrow club equipment for their time out on the trails and are encouraged to leave a donation for their day of skiing in our "iron ranger" near our parking lot kiosk.

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"The Big Nansen" Ski Jump Visitor Info.

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The state of New Hampshire owns and manages the Nansen Ski Jump as an historic site.


The Nansen Ski Club hosts events at the park and is restoring the jump with the aim of hosting sanctioned jumping events in the near future.


Access to the jump itself is restricted.


Recreationists assume all risk and should take measures to ensure their safety while at the park.


For information about the history and current renovations being made on the jump, click here.

Ski Jump
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